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Fund-and-Reward Carbon Emissions Program | ATO Shipping NL

Fund-and-Reward Carbon Emissions Program

Fund-and-Reward Carbon Emissions Program A new Fund-and-Reward carbon emissions program is the brainchild of the International Chamber of Shipping. A fee would be…
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Hydrogen-Powered Tug Boat | ATO Shipping NL

Hydrogen-Powered Tugboat | A World First

Hydrogen-Powered Tugboat | A World First  On October 27th, Belgium were recipients of the world’s first hydrogen-powered tugboat after completing construction in Spain.…
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Rigid Sail MOL Bulker | ATO Shipping NL

Rigid Sail MOL Bulker | Maiden Voyage Complete

Rigid Sail MOL Bulker: Maiden Voyage Complete   A rigid sail MOL bulker, named The Shofu Maru, completed its maiden voyage to Australia…
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Lower Volumes of Shipping Predicted | ATO Shipping NL

Lower Volumes of Shipping Predicted

Lower Volumes of Shipping Predicted   As the Ukraine war continues, lower volumes of shipping have been predicted due to the softening demand…
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