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Amazon Fulfillment FBA or Fulfillment by Amazon is an option offered by Amazon to its 3rd party sellers to facilitate the storage, packing and shipping of products sold on the Amazon market place alongside their own Amazon cargo hub via the use of Fulfillment Centres.

If you currently sell or are looking to sell on Amazon as a 3rd party seller, whether you will be using fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) centres or your own in-house delivery service, we’re here to help.

We offer a full door to door service from the factory to your nominated Amazon fulfilment centre including cargo labelling, palletisation (to Amazon specification) and timed delivery bookings via the Amazon CARP System.

All you need to provide is your company / consignment details, Collection/Delivery location and a copy of the Amazon generated labels, we take care of the rest.

All our deliveries to Amazon are supported by our domestic freight services, our air freight solutions and our international ocean freight shipping services (dedicated or shared sea containers).

For anyone looking to utilise our FBA Fulfillment services, due to the stringent requirements of Amazon’s Fulfillment centre, our team can prepare your freight in accordance with their strict guidelines.

Our team can prepare your goods to be receipted, thereby warehoused and distributed by Amazon Fulfillment without causing undue or unnecessary delays or stress. With our dedicated warehouses and staff on standby your Amazon Fulfillment is as good as dispatched, ready to be delivered to your customers.

The Australian Government has changed its taxation policies thus creating many unique opportunities for importers into Australia to take advantage of local Amazon Fulfillment facilities and operations.

Our Amazon Fulfillment team is ready to assist you with getting your goods into the Netherlands, Australia, USA and the UK immediately.

Our Amazon Fulfillment team are always at hand. Contact your personal agent today