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The construction and mining logistics challenges can be a daunting task to master, it is vital that you engage with a freight partner who has knowledge and experience within the industry. This makes sense when you consider the processes involved within each industry and the intricate logistics requirements that go hand and hand.

One of the biggest challenges facing construction companies in their supply chain is to make sure goods are arriving on time and in the correct order of demand. It requires meticulous planning to book collections from overseas factories, book space on vessels / airlines and deliver on time and in schedule for project time lines.

There are many uncertainties in the construction and mining industries, such as problems with the weather, resulting in project delays and the inevitable knock on impact to the logistics schedule. It is therefore important that you can balance your logistics network between with effective preplanning. This is where a freight forwarder that understands the complexities of your industries supply chain, such as Across the Ocean Shipping, can assist you in giving your company full transparency of the across your bespoke construction and mining logistics solution.

The construction and building industry is crucial to the Netherlands economy. Construction sites cannot afford downtime of vital machinery which can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars of lost revenue. When dealing with complex heavy machinery it is vital that you engage a freight forwarder that understands the industry.

Delivery’s to construction sites may consist of a small box of parts for a vital machine to a huge reflux classifier that requires delivery by a low loader truck and pilot escort. Regardless of the size it is important that your forwarder understands how to manage complex multimodal supply chains to get your goods where they need to be.

The team at Across the Ocean Shipping Netherlands can help you find effective construction and mining logistics solutions for the individual problems facing your supply chain. We have the practical experience on how to tackle these often complex and urgent industry supply chains.

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